Jaké jsou vztahy mezi učiteli a ředitelem na Vaší škole?:

Study in the Czech Republic


Information on the education system and study opportunities in the Czech Republic, including links to general information sources about the Czech Republic.


Basic information about the Czech Republic can be found at the Official Site for the Czech Republic, which is run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.


Information about studies and education in the Czech Republic (the education system, types of schools, scholarships, Czech language teaching, etc.) can be found at the Official Site for the Czech Republic - Education.


You can also search PLOTEUS (Portal on Learning Opportunities throughout the European Space) which aims to help students, job seekers, workers, parents, guidance counsellors and teachers to find out information about studying in Europe. On PLOTEUS you can find all relevant information about life-long learning in Europe, such as learning opportunities, training possibilities, descriptions and explanations about education and training systems, exchange programmes and grants etc.


An exhaustive description and comparison of the education systems of European countries is available at Eurydice, the information network on education in Europe.


Czech for Foreigners

Study at Institutions of Higher Education

Recognition of Qualifications and Education