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Czech for Foreigners


Links concerning lessons of Czech language for foreigners.


  • Czech for foreigners
    Whether you want to start afresh or improve your knowledge, our Czech language courses are designed just for you!
  • Czech for foreigners
    Individual courses in Prague for English, German and Russian speaking students.
  • Czech for foreigners - Correct Language Centre  http://czech-for-foreigners.cz                    A_language_centre based in the very centre of Brno, providing in-company and group courses of 7 different levels. Very popular are also Correct's individual and online lessons.
  • CZ Lingua
    Courses at all levels - from beginner to advanced - individual or small group tuition.
  • Summer School of Slavonic Studies
    For the specialists of the Slavic and Bohemistic field, postgraduate and undergraduate students, translators and for everybody, who is interested in the Czech language, literature, history and culture.
  • Czech Language for Foreigners
    Yearlong intensive courses of Czech language for students of both foreign Czech studies departments and other fields of study.
  • Czech Language for Foreigners - Preparation for University in Czech Language
    The "Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies (ILPS)" of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, offers the following study programs - language courses. Czech Studies in Practice, two-field; Czech Studies Czech for Foreigners, the Master´s Programme of Bohemian Studies.
  • Czech for Foreigners
    Language courses Czech for Foreigners of all levels.
  • Czech for Foreigners
    Communicative approach, interactive learning, multilingual groups, wide range of courses, professional enthusiastic teachers, in-company teaching.
  • Czech courses for foreigners
    Instruction takes place in the pleasant atmosphere of easily accessible classrooms located in the Prague 1 and Prague 6 districts.
  • Czech for foreigners
    The class is designed for foreigners who wish to learn or improve one of the most difficult languages in Europe.
  • Czech for foreigners
    We have created a specific training system and a special selection of services for our students, so that they can achieve maximum progress in the shortest period possible.
  • Czech for foreigners
    Intensive courses in Czech for foreigners are starting every month through whole the year and are. The course takes 2 weeks and covers a total of 40 language classes. You can choose from 5 levels. SUMMER SCHOOL in Czech for foreigners - The course lasts one week and covers a total of 30 teaching hours which above all aim at developing the communication skills of students.
  • Czech for foreigners
    We offer public and individual Czech courses for foreigners based on English, German and Russian. 
  • Czech for foreigners
    Courses start every month, 10 years experience teaching Czech for foreigners, latest courses books and other suitable supplementary materials, communicative approach to learning, Caledonian Certificate.
  • Czech language Courses - čeština pro cizince
    Company and individual czech language courses. We organize courses of Czech language mainly for large companies and entities from abroad, offering solutions by a project method of teaching. Beside courses for companies we also offer individual Czech courses, which are based on the client’s requirements.
  • Czech Language courses for Foreigners
    Introductory Information for Aliens. These webpages are intended for everyone seeking information on the Examination in the Czech language on the Level A1 (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - hereinafter only as CEFRL) as a condition for permanent residence in the CR (hereinafter only as examination) and information on the preparation for this examination. Those who are interested can find also other useful links concerning Czech for foreigners and permanent residence permits here.
  • Czech Language for Foreigners
    The aim of the general language courses is to teach and develop basic language skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking). They are intended for members of the general public of all ages and levels of proficiency.
  • Czech Language for Foreigners - Orange tree
    The course is designed for those foreigners who wish to learn the basics of Czech and cope with everyday situations. Emphasis is placed on basic grammar and spoken language. Our teacher uses communicative and interactive teaching methods.
  • Czech Language courses for Foreigners Březinka jazyková škola
    We have prepared for you a course of Czech for foreigners. Being a Slavic language, it is not easy to learn. Still, Czech is a really interesting and beautiful language and life in the Czech Republic is difficult without its knowledge. The objective of this course of the Czech for beginners is gaining the A1 level of the Czech language. The emphasis will be given to developing the communicative abilities in the every-day situations and to gaining the basic grammar notions.
  • Czech Language for Foreigners AKCENT International House Prague
    The reason is that we offer a wide range of Czech for Foreigners courses of various levels: - standard 90minute afternoon and evening courses twice a week, - three-week intensive courses with 20 teaching lessons per week, - one-to-one courses.
  • Czech language Courses - Jazyková škola Pelikán
    At the moment, we organise company courses in the following towns and cities: Praha, Brno, Ostrava, Zlín, Olomouc and Bratislava. We offer the possibility of organising company courses within the whole of the Czech Republic, tailor-made according to our customers' wishes.
  • Czech language Courses - Brno English Centre
    Individual courses can be organised for any level, the curriculum tailored to the needs of the customer of any nationality, requiring to master at least the basics of the Czech language for communication.